Teacher Education Program Overview

The Teacher Education Program (TEP) prepares undergraduate students to become highly effective, reflective, justice-seeking educators.  The program leads to an Initial license in Massachusetts at the secondary or middle school level.

Grounded in urban-focused teaching and learning opportunities, the TEP has three primary components:

  • A comprehensive program of study in Education coursework
  • A solid grounding in subject matter knowledge
  • A robust sequence of field-based experiences


Each of these components includes an emphasis on reflection and social justice education.

The preparation of TEP students is guided by Holy Cross, state, and national standards.  The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) outlines their expectations for educator preparation in 603 CMR 7.00 Regulations for Educator Licensure and Preparation Program Approval.

The Professional Standards for Teachers define the pedagogical and other professional knowledge and skills that all teachers must demonstrate, organized into four standards:

(a) Curriculum, Planning, and Assessment

(b) Teaching All Students

(c) Family and Community Engagement

(d) Professional Culture