Studies in World Literatures

The Studies in World Literatures (STWL) program explores narratives from the perspective of various national and cultural literary traditions. The program is guided by the idea that literature is a universal phenomenon whose themes, forms, and movements acquire meaning across national, linguistic, historical and generic boundaries. Broadly speaking, Studies in World Literatures encourages the search for the essential, humanistic unity of literary expression and the study of unique cultural codes and biases. The program also promotes the study of the relationship of literature to other disciplines, such as religious studies, history, and political science. STWL regards the study of film as a visual text and narrative art form; students may choose film as their focus within the major.

Study abroad is an excellent option for Studies in World Literature majors.

For more information about the STWL major please contact Professor Thibaut Schilt, Stein 413.