Leicester, England

Location and Facilities:

University of Leicester
International Office
University Road
Leicester LE1 7RH, UK



Leicester, one of England's oldest cities, is located in the center of England, 100 miles north of London. It is linked to the capital by a super highway and a fast train which does the trip in slightly over an hour. Oxford, Cambridge, York, Stratford-upon-Avon, Chester and Warwick are within easy reach. The University of Leicester, founded in 1919, is organized in five faculties: Arts, Sciences (including Engineering), Social Sciences, Law and Medicine, is attended by 5000 students and an additional 1000 postgraduates. The University is on a self-contained and attractive campus very near the city center.

Academic Program: 

A wide selection of courses is available in each of the Faculties. The courses you take are exactly the same as those taken by British students studying for degrees at the University of Leicester. Students select modules, totaling 60 credit units per semester.  Some courses can be taken without prior knowledge of the subject while others require students to be majoring and be knowledgeable in the subject. Each student is assigned to an academic advisor and is fully integrated in all aspects of University life. Visiting students are eligible to participate in the many extracurricular and athletic programs offered by the University.

The national "Teaching Quality Assessment" scores have continued to soar at the University of Leicester. In the Spring of 2000 the Department of Psychology received the highest  possible score from a team of reviewers. Extremely high ratings were also achieved by the Departments of Physics and Astronomy, Medicine, and American Studies. This builds upon the wide range of "excellents" already achieved by the Departments of History, English and Chemistry.

Special Programs at Leicester:

The University offers a special orientation program known as "The Leicester Semester", which offers a study tour at various historical and archeological sites in the UK in the Fall. All Holy Cross students participate in this program, and the response has been extremely positive. A study tour in Italy, particularly Rome, is offered in the Spring. There is no additional charge for either program and Holy Cross students are required to attend both.


Course Load: 

Students select modules, totaling 60 credit units per semester; thus, 120 credits is the equivalent of 8 Holy Cross courses.  Please note that students should not take more than the equivalent of four Holy Cross credits within their major.  Moreover, Political Science students can take a maximum of 3 (one-semester) courses for major credit and for Economics and Economics/Accounting, a maximum of 2 (one-semester) courses (one upper- and one lower-level elective) for major credit.  All students are advised to review their Study Abroad learning plan with the Study Abroad advisor for their major.

Courses taken at University of Leicester for Holy Cross credit

Current Course Catalog

Independent Cultural Immersion Project (ICIP): 

Successful completion of the ICIP, in addition to the required course load, is necessary.

Living Arrangements:

Housing is provided by the University, in University halls of residence. The halls of residence are grand Edwardian houses in spacious grounds one to one and a half miles from main campus, and are particularly attractive. Shuttle busses run from residence halls to campus every fifteen minutes. Meals are not provided, but are inexpensively available in the cafeteria. Halls have kitchens & pubs. Each student usually has his/her own study/bedroom; other facilities (kitchen, etc.) are shared with five to six other fellow students. Every effort is made to house Holy Cross students with British students.


Study Abroad Contact Person:
Ms. Kathleen Suchenski - Assistant Director
Phone: 508-793-3053
Office: Smith 218

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