Religious Studies

The Department of Religious Studies at Holy Cross addresses religion as a fundamental dimension of human history and personal experience. Recognizing that many students are in a process of coming to terms with their own religious traditions and spiritualities, the Department offers courses that systematically explore a wide range of religious traditions, theological perspectives, and ethical questions that are central to the formation of a person's religious identity.

Since the majority of our students come from a Roman Catholic background, the Department offers courses that provide them with an opportunity to know and understand their Catholic tradition more deeply and to situate that tradition in the larger context of the other world religions, as well as in the broader cultural context of the twenty-first century. Such courses can also be important for students from other religious traditions. They also have to come to terms with pluralism and globalization in a multi-cultural world, and think about the role religion can play in the quest for solidarity and peace. Consequently, the Department offers courses on the full range of world religions, including Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, East Asian religions, Native American religion, and modern religious movements. Tutorial reading programs and individual research projects are available to qualified students.