Russian and Eastern European Studies

More than twenty years ago, the Russian and East European Studies (REES) minor grew out of the desire to meet the needs of students intrigued by the other "super power." Although the dismantling of the Soviet empire means a new way of life for that part of the world, Russia's future is deeply rooted in her past. Contemporary developments make the study of Russian and Eastern Europe particularly exciting and important for the current generations of students.

The Russian and East European Studies minor has two goals:

  • to support the study of Russia and Eastern Europe in conjunction with a student's major discipline. For example, it enables a history major with an interest in Russia and Eastern Europe to develop a broader and deeper understanding of the region through the study of politics, economics, religion, art, and language;
  • to provide a coherent, coordinated course of study that encourages the broad range of learning that liberal arts studies are meant to develop.


In addition, the REES minor offers a foundation in the study of Russian and Eastern Europe for those students with pre-professional interests in the area and also for those students whose interdisciplinary interests are less specific.