Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental life.  The discipline is broad, with different fields of study that range from conducting basic research in laboratory or field settings, to meeting the needs of individuals or groups in clinical settings, to addressing philosophical questions of the discipline. The Department represents these various orientations, encouraging students to engage in the analysis of psychological phenomena from diverse perspectives.

Majors explore fundamental areas of the discipline. There is ample opportunity for students to pursue advanced study through directed reading or research projects under the individual direction of their professors. In addition, the Psychology Department, in cooperation with the Biology Department, offers an interdisciplinary concentration that concerns the study of neuroscience and behavior.

Department of Psychology
Campus Location;  3rd floor Beaven Hall Room 328
Mailing Address;
College of the Holy Cross
1 College Street., PO Box 38A
Worcester, MA, 01610
Phone (508)793-2218
Fax: (508)793-3709
Department Chair:  Mark Freeman
Department Administrative Assistant:  Lynda Cantin
Department Lab Supervisor: Gary Chalifoux