The Physics Major

Requirements for a major in physics:

 ►  Three semesters of calculus (MATH 135/136 or 133/134, and 241, or the equivalent)

 ►  Two semesters of intro-level physics (PHYS 115 followed by PHYS 116)

 ►  Methods of Physics (PHYS 221)

 ►  Modern Physics with the laboratory (PHYS 223, 225)

 ►  Classical Mechanics (PHYS 342)

 ►  Thermal Physics (PHYS 344)

 ►  Electromagnetic Theory (PHYS 351)

 ►  Quantum Mechanics (PHYS 353)

 ►  at least two additional lecture courses and one laboratory course, at the 200 level or above.

      Advanced electives include Optics with the laboratory (PHYS 231, 233), Electronics with the laboratory (PHYS 234, 236), Introduction to Astrophysics (PHYS 355), and Advanced Topics in Physics (PHYS 399).

     Introductory Physics 1, 2 are prerequisites for all 200 level physics courses; Multivariable Calculus (MATH 241) and Methods of Physics (PHYS 221) are prerequisites for 300 level physics courses. (See a flowchart of prerequisites and corequisites.)

      Students may take Independent Study (PHYS 461, 462) under faculty guidance to pursue topics of interest that fall outside the regularly offered courses. Programs of supervised research in theoretical or experimental physics (PHYS 471, 472) are available for qualified physics majors.