The Physics Department offers a flexible program of study that provides a thorough foundation in the principles of physics.

     With eight faculty members in the department, physics students are assured of small classes and individual attention.

Our Programs:

 ►  A major in physics with solid theoretical and experimental foundations for graduate studies in  ● physics,  ● applied physics,  ● engineering,  ● medicine,  ● law, or for entry-level positions in  ● research,  ● industry,  ● business,  ● teaching, and other fields.

 ►  A minor in physics for students seeking an interdisciplinary exploration of physics with a major in another field of study.

 ►  3-2 Engineering Program:  three years in physics at Holy Cross and two years in Engineering at Columbia University.

 ►  Summer Research Program: 9 weeks of campus-based research under the direction of a Holy Cross faculty member.

 ►  Teacher Education Program: leading to an Initial License for teaching in Massachusetts at the secondary or middle school level.

 ►  In addition to regular course offerings, physics majors are able to take advantage of tutorials, independent studies, or supervised research with faculty members on topics related to their ongoing work. All of the members of the department are engaged in active research programs that cover a broad range of areas, such as atomic physics, condensed matter physics, and astrophysics.

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Prof. Timothy Roach, Chair of Physics Department
Phone: (508) 793-3034
Fax: (508) 793-3367