O’Callahan Science Library

The O’Callahan Science Library, which has over 95,000 physical volumes and increasing numbers of web client computers and enhanced access to proven electronic products, occupies the entire first floor of  Swords Hall, the central portion of the five-building Integrated Science Complex.  Electronically, the Library subscribes to over 50 major article databases just in the science disciplines, which contain access to thousands of journals. Are you writing a research paper in psychology?  Use PsychINFO for access to 2,500 journals.  If you need more information to complete your physics experiment, check out IOPScience.  Web of Science has access to over 12,000 journals, and Scifinder covers over 50,000 journals worldwide.  These websites will bring you the most up-to-date information on biology and chemistry.  If math is your area of interest, go to MathSciNet for access to over 2,000 journals with direct links to 1,731,701 original articles! The Library serves the Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics & Computer Science, and Physics Departments and the more Neuroscientific side of Psychology.

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          Information on Formats for Commonly Used Research Databases   

Are you using databases for research but are not sure what file format each database provides?  Click here for links to commonly used science databases and information as to what format (PDF, HTML, citation/abstract only, or full-text) each database provides.