About the Libraries

Strategic Plan & Mission 

Holy Cross Libraries Mission Statement: 

The College of the Holy Cross Libraries further the mission of the College, a Jesuit liberal arts institution, in its pursuit of excellence in teaching, learning, and research.  The Libraries support the curriculum, promote intellectual curiosity, and serve our community by providing resources, access to information, and instruction in the development of research skills.  As a central part of student life, the libraries create a welcoming and accessible integrated learning environment where diversity is embraced and respected.

Strategic Plan: 

Our Strategic Plan includes three major strategic directions: 

Teaching, Learning, and Engagement; Information Resources: Discovery and Access; and Library Environments. Within each category, we articulate goal statements and key initiatives.

Dinand 2020: 

In Fall 2013, the Dinand 2020 Committee was asked to envision a future Dinand Library that would not only support current and future pedagogical needs, but that would reaffirm the active and critical role Dinand plays in our pursuit of academic excellence. Based on input gathered from faculty members, students, staff, administrators, architects, designers, librarians at other colleges and universities, and research on innovative library and learning spaces, this report offers a vision of Dinand 2020, outlines a handful of concrete projects, establishes the theoretical and pedagogical rationale for our vision, and recommends the next steps for carrying this work forward.

In our vision of the library of the future, Dinand 2020 will become a coveted destination for students and faculty to engage and acquire knowledge for learning, teaching and research. It will be a dynamic place where all information necessary for these endeavors will be centrally located from anywhere on campus. The library will offer a technology-rich landscape, diverse individual and group study space configurations, access to programs, services and resources designed to support a range of intellectual activities, and a combination of traditional and playful elements that connect us to our history and inspire creativity. Dinand 2020 will become the intellectual nucleus of the college and a vibrant space for research and learning at every level. It will celebrate and highlight academic success, with exciting spaces and technology, expert staff and resources, and a clear dedication to the pedagogy of higher education in the 21st century. Read the Dinand 2020 report >>


Circulation Policies

  HC Students HC Faculty and Staff
general books 28 days until end of semester
periodicals (print journals, magazines, etc.) in house only 1 week
audio & video materials 48 hours 2 weeks
reserve items (books, DVDs, print articles) 2 hours 2 hours
reference books in house only in house only 
rare books & archival materials in house only in house only 

*Overdue fines for reserve items are charged for each additional hour.