10 Days to Have Your Say!

Tuesday, February 18 - Friday, February 28, 2014

Got something to tell the Holy Cross Libraries? Now's your chance!


We want to hear what you have to say! 

This blog is for the Holy Cross community to tell us what you think about physical and programming services in the Dinand Library. Dinand 2020 is a faculty/librarian committee charged with planning a significant renovation of library space, so we'd like to know: what do you like, what WOULD you like, what spaces are lacking (for study, teaching, meeting, presenting), and what services do you think belong in the library? From students, what do you need to do for academic work that you can't do now in Dinand spaces? From faculty, what would you like to assign to students, but can't, because there isn't the right working space (or technology) available to your students?

Reflect on other libraries you've seen, or articles you've read, and be creative! You have the chance to shape the next Dinand Library; take advantage of that and participate! Thank you!

Any comments that you share here will be kept anonymous; however, the feedback we receive via the 10 Days blog may be shared with library staff and with other College staff in the process of redesigning our spaces and services. 

What can I do here? 

Share your ideas about what would make any -- or all -- of the Holy Cross Libraries better and more student friendly. You're also more than welcome to comment on other ideas that have been shared on this blog! 

Is this where I ask for research help? 

This is actually a brainstorming space -- sorry!  If you need research help, please contact us through one of the ways listed on our Ask a Librarian page. 

Ground Rules

10 Days to Have Your Say, like all web communications at Holy Cross, is governed by the College's Use of Information Technology Services Policy. We welomce and encourage respectful, spirited conversation and honest feedback; however, personal attacks, profanity, and other inappropriate comments detract from the spirit of this blog and are not acceptable. All comments will be "moderated," meaning that a professional library staff member will review each comment before it becomes visible on the blog. Inappropriate language/comments may either be modified (in which case we will note this fact) or will not be published. However, we will not edit your comments with respect to any other aspect of their content -- we respect your honest feedback, and will take it seriously. 


How do I write/submit a post?

Click on Leave a comment under the first post on the 10 Days blog, complete the form, and then hit the [Post Comment] button. 

I tried to submit a comment and I don't see it. Where is it / What should I do? 

All comments have to be approved before they become visible on the blog (this is just to catch spam or inappropriate language -- we won't change the content of your post!). We will try to approve comments as quickly as possible, but you should expect some delays on evenings and weekends, or when the library is closed. If you have a question or concern about something you've submitted, or if you do not see your comment appear after several days, please contact or 508.793.3533. 

Why do I have to include my name and e-mail address? 

We want 10 Days to be a forum where you feel comfortable posting publicly, so you are welcome to post anonymously or with an alias instead of your real name. However, we do ask that all commenters include their e-mail address so that, if necessary, we can respond to your concerns directly and/or confirm your submission. 

Will my name and e-mail address be kept private? 

Your name will appear above your comment(s) on the blog, so please enter only information that you want displayed -- whether that be your first name, a nickname, or Anonymous. Your e-mail address will be kept private, and will be visible only to the blog administrators. 

Will someone from the library respond to my comments? 

We plan to stay out of the discussion until the 10 day period has ended. After all, what we really want to hear are your thoughts, not ours! However, we will be reading your comments throughout, and once the 10 day period is over we will be publicly responding to your comments and suggestions. 

I have a question about this blog. Who should I contact? 

Please send any questions or concerns to Alicia Hansen at


This project was inspired by the “14 Days to Have Your Say” project at the Bentley University Library. Many thanks are due to them and especially to Lisa Curtin, who implemented Bentley's project, for granting us permission to borrow their idea!