Concentration Requirements

Students must take six multidisciplinary LALS courses, plus language instruction in Spanish or another LALS-related language as outlined below.

  1. One of the following Introductory level courses: LALS 101 Intro to Latin American and Latino Studies, HIST 126 Colonial Latin America, HIST 127 Modern Latin America, HIST 128 Latino History, ANTH 266 Culture & Politics in Latin America, POLS 251 Latin American Politics, or a course with a broad focus on Latin America approved by the Director of Latin American and Latino Studies.
  2. Completion of five additional approved Latin American & Latino Studies courses, with no more than two per discipline, at least one of which must be in History.
  3. Demonstration of post-intermediate competency in Spanish or another LALS-related language, typically through completion of Spanish 301 or 302.  The language requirement does not count towards the multidisciplinary courses mentioned above.


Note: For students studying abroad in Latin America, up to three courses in the study abroad program can be approved for Concentration credit.  For students studying in Spain, only two courses with Latin American and Latino topics can be applied to the Concentration.

Other Concentration Opportunities

Students are encouraged to participate in the regular series of co-curricular programming sponsored or co-sponsored by LALS, including:

  • Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15-October 15 
  • Special forums and colloquia on topics of community interest     
  • Faculty, student, and alumni presentations     
  • Informational presentations and pre-departure orientations for Study Abroad 
  • Presentations on community-based learning, study abroad, and senior projects  
  • Lectures by visiting scholars, artists, and activists
  • Films series, art exhibits and other and special showings
  • Publication of creative writing and artwork of Hispanic inspiration in the bilingual journal fósforo: Revista de Inspiración Hispánica
  • End-of-year reception for graduating seniors
  • Cinco de Mayo cultural celebrations


To Enroll in the Program

Print a Change in Academic Plan Form via STAR. Contact Prof. Rosa Carrasquillo (Director, Latin American and Latino Studies) and your Academic Advisor to discuss your interest in the program and to obtain their signatures. Meet with Prof. Susan Cunningham, Associate Director of Concentrations, in Smith 331, to complete the Concentration application process.  Please bring your Change in Academic Plan Form and a copy of your unofficial transcript to your appointment with Prof. Cunningham.

Students are encouraged, but not required, to apply before the end of their sophomore year. To plan out a program of course work, consult with the director and/or any other professor in the program. Upon graduation, your transcript will read "Latin American and Latino Studies Concentration" and you will receive a special stole and certificate to celebrate your accomplishment.


Prof. Rosa Carrasquillo

Director Latin American and Latino Studies
O'Kane 358, Phone 793-3450

Prof. Susan Cunningham

Associate Director, Center for Interdisciplinary Studies
Smith 331 Phone 793-2703