Multidisciplinary Major in Latin American and Latino Studies

While the multidisciplinary major is student-designed, with individual students determining the specific courses of interest to them, the Latin American and Latino Studies faculty has established a template for those wishing to design such a major. Template requirements are intended to encourage both breadth and depth of study in a variety of disciplines and to emphasize the centrality of language study to a major in Latin American and Latino Studies. LALS majors are strongly encouraged to participate in a Concentration-approved study abroad or study away program, with coursework taken during that time to be approved for major credit by the Program Director.

A total of 12 courses are required to complete the major in LALS (except in the case of double majors, in which 10 courses are required), distributed as follows:

  • One introductory course, such as Introduction to Latin American & Latino Studies, Latino History, or Culture & Politics in Latin America
  • Three Spanish courses at the 300 level or above, at least one of which must be in literature (See Spanish Language Requirements below for more details)
  • Two History courses, at least one of which should be an upper-division course
  • One upper-division course in the Social Sciences
  • Four courses clustered around a central theme or focus, which may include a directed, interdisciplinary capstone research project. This cluster will be coordinated by the student in consultation with the Concentration Director at the time of enrollment in the major. The Director will help the student select an advisor within the Concentration whose interests are best suited to those of the student major.

Spanish Language Requirements

LALS majors typically begin their study of Spanish language at the 300 level (Spanish 301, Composition and Conversation, or Spanish 302, Composition for Bilingual Speakers). In addition, prospective LALS majors are required to take two additional Spanish courses, one of which must be in literature. For those students with native speaker fluency, Spanish 302 is generally recommended, although those with significant prior reading and writing experience in Spanish may be eligible to enroll directly in courses with 301 or 302 as a prerequisite. In all cases, LALS majors should complete at least three courses in Spanish, one of which must be in literature. Language courses taken at the Elementary or Intermediate level do not count towards LALS major requirements.

Latin American and Latino Studies Major Application