The Italian program at Holy Cross offers students the opportunity to begin or continue their study of Italian language, culture, and literature. The curriculum consists of language courses that range from elementary to advanced; literature courses that focus on pre-modern as well as contemporary periods; and culture courses that include Italian art and cinema. Each year, at least one course is offered in English translation so that students who are just beginning their study of the Italian language may also examine more advanced topics in literature and film. In so doing, they may also fulfill a major or minor requirement.

By pursuing a major or minor in Italian, students will acquire critical language skills while gaining a deeper knowledge of Italian literature and culture. Interested students may also want to consider an Italian Studies major or minor. Offered through the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies (CIS), the program combines the study of Italian with other disciplines, such as history, art history, political science, and music.

Students of Italian are encouraged to study abroad at either Holy Cross Program in Italy, Florence or Bologna at the Università di Bologna, where they can perfect their language skills while immersing themselves in Italian culture.