History Department

The study of history not only seeks to understand the past; it also offers deep personal enrichment for a thoughtful, even passionate, engagement in the challenges of the present.

Faculty in the history department at Holy Cross offer students different orientations to the past, a diverse range of interests, and a broad selection of topics.  Four members of the department have been honored with the Distinguished Teaching Award.

Students are trained to think systemically, to speak and write with clarity and originality, and to respect the canons of good scholarship.

Graduates use their training in history to pursue careers in law, medicine, government service, business, teaching and a host of other vocations.

Contact Information

Noel Cary, Department Chair
O'Kane 384
Telephone: (508) 793-2705

Yolanda Youtsey, Administrative Assistant
Office: O'Kane 383
Telephone: (508) 793-2465
Fax: (508) 793-3881