Dental School

Most dental schools have the following common requirements for admission. Applicants need to have completed all of the courses before application. Many science majors will find that the science requirements are fulfilled as they complete their major course requirements, though the purpose of these requirements is to encourage students to consider any major.

  • Chemistry - 4 semesters (Atoms and Molecules (General Chemistry I), Organic Chemistry I & II, Equilibrium and Reactivity (General Chemistry II)). 
  • Biology - 2 semesters (Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology (Biol 161), Introduction to the Functional Biology of Multicellular Organisms (Biol 162)) or (Introduction to Biology 1 & 2 or General Biology 1 & 2)
  • Mathematics - 2 semesters (Calculus 1 and another college math course, e.g. statistics or Calculus II equivalent; statistics is recommended)
  • Physics - 2 semesters (General Physics I & II or General Physics for Everyday Life I & II.  The lab is included with each course.)
  • English - 2 semesters (any English Department course and an additional literature course taught in English)

In addition to these requirements (and taking the DAT), many schools also require a semester of biochemistry. Individual schools may have additional requirements as well, so it is wise to examine the admission requirements of dental schools you are interested in when making your course plan.