Foreign Language Assistants

 For over a decade the Departments of Modern Languages & Literatures and Spanish at Holy Cross has hosted a small group of Foreign Language Assitants from nine different countries. These teachers not only help our students master another language but, more importantly, give them insight into other cultures. An interaction of this nature requires language learners to analyze their own culture critically through the eyes of a young person raised outside of the United States. Consequently, students learn as much about life as they do about language.




Foreign Language Assistants (2013-2014)


Audrey Adam ~France   Tamara Anasal ~ Argentina
Hannah Brodel ~ Germany   Silvia De Angelis ~ Italy
Margaux Hummel-Brzezinski ~ France   Natalia Kuramina ~ Russia
Weihsuan Lo ~ Taiwan   Diana López Martínez ~ Spain
Nadia Mufarregue ~ Argentina   Rocío Romero Otero ~ Spain
Laura Mir Rodríguez ~ Spain   Luna Sarti ~ Italy
Raquel santiago Orejas ~Spain   Mahmoud Sayed ~ Egypt
Leonardo Torres Navarrette ~ Peru  

Wanyun Yang ~ Taiwan


Contact Information:

Director, Foreign Language Assistant Program
Helen Freear-Papio
Phone: (508) 793-2765
Fax: (508) 793-3708

Administrative Assistant
Lynne Lengel
Phone: (508) 793-2447
Fax: (508) 793-3708

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