ENVS Course Offerings: Fall '14

Environmental Studies Courses
Fall 2014

BIOL 117 Environmental Science Prof. Kelly Wolfe-Bellin
BIOL 163 Intro to Biological Diversity Prof. Robert Bertin
BIOL 233 Freshwater Ecology Prof. William Sobczak
BIOL 235 Marine Biology Prof. Justin McAlister
BIOL 280 General Ecology Prof. Robert Bertin
CHEM 181 (01) Atoms & Molecules Prof. Richard Herrick
CHEM 181 (02 & 03) Atoms & Molecules Prof. Suzanne Kulevich
CHEM 181 (04) Atoms & Molecules Prof. Elizabeth Campbell Landis
CHEM 181 (05) Atoms & Molecules Prof. Joshua Farrell
ENVS 200 Seminar: Environmental Law Prof. Francis Veale
GEOS 150 Introduction to Geology

Prof. Sara Mitchell

GEOS 299 (01) Paleoclimatology Prof. Sara Mitchell
HIST 230 Environmental History Prof. Theresa McBride
MATH 220 (01 & 02) Statistics Prof. Shannon Stock
PHIL 247 Environmental Ethics Prof. Kendy Hess
RELS 260 Comparative Mysticism & Human Ecolology Prof. Gary DeAngelis
RELS 353 Theology & Ecology Prof. Alice Laffey


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Prof. Kathy Kiel will be on sabbatical leave 2014-15, thus students requiring Environmental Economics should be advised to enroll in the Spring '14 offering.