ENVS Course Offerings: Spring '15

Environmental Studies Courses
Spring '15

BIOL 114

Biological Principles: Plants and Human Affairs

Prof. Kelly Wolfe-Bellin

BIOL 117

Environmental Science

Prof. William Sobczak

BIOL 163

Intro to Biological Diversity

Prof. Robert Bertin

BIOL 331

Ecosystem Ecology

Prof. William Sobczak

BIOL 361


Prof. George Hoffman

CHEM 300

Instrumental Chemistry/Analytical Methods

Prof. Elizabeth Landis Campbell

ENVS 247

Intro Geographic Info Systems

Prof. Adam Davis

ENVS 400



GEOS 210


Prof. Sara Mitchell

HIST 305

America’s First Global Age

Prof. Gwenn Miller

Math 303

Mathematical Methods

Prof. Edward Soares

POLS 285

Global Environmental Politics

Prof. Loren Cass


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Important Advising Information/Course Selection Information

Students contemplating the ENVS Major should be advised to take either: BIOL 114 Biological Principles:  Environmental Biology, or BIOL 117 Environmental Science during their 1st  year (and no later than Fall of 2nd  year).

Students contemplating the ENVS Minor should be advised to take either of the above courses or BIOL 114 Biological section: Oceans and People during their 1st year (no later than the Fall of 2nd year). 


Rev. 9/19/14