Faculty & Staff


  Jonathan Mulrooney
Associate Professor, Department Chair
(Ph.D. Boston University)
Fields: British Romantic Literature; Romantic-period Theater and Public Culture; Nineteenth-Century British & American Literature; Film; Romantic Historicisms.
Email:jmulroon@holycross.edu  Additional Information


  Julianna Baggot
W.H. Jenks Chair in Contemporary Letters, Visiting Professor
PO Box: 47A


  Patricia L. Bizzell
John E. Brooks, S.J., Professor in the Humanities
(Ph.D., Rutgers University)
Fields: Expository writing; theory and practice of rhetoric; American literature to 1900; American women's literature.
Email:pbizzell@holycross.edu  Additional Information


  Christine Coch
Associate Professor
(Ph.D., University of Chicago)
Fields: Renaissance English literature and culture, Shakespeare, gender studies
Email:ccoch@holycross.edu  Additional Information


  Leah Hager Cohen
W.H. Jenks Chair in Contemporary American Letters, Visiting Professor
(M.S., Columbia University)
Fields: Creative Writing: fiction and nonfiction; ethics of storytelling


  Robert K. Cording
James N. and Sarah L. O'Reilly Barrett Professor in Creative Writing
(Ph.D., Boston College)
Fields: 17th Century poetry; 20th Century poetry;creative writing (poetry).


  Lisa Fluet
Assistant Professor
(Ph.D. Princeton University)
Fields: 20th-21st century literature in English; the novel; Modern and contemporary British drama, film; class and gender studies


  Maurice A. Géracht
Stephen J. Prior Professor of Humanities
(Ph.D., University of Wisconsin)
Fields: 18th Century English literature; English, American, French narrative traditions and narrative theory; 20th Century visual arts and intersections between visual arts and literature.
Email:mgeracht@holycross.edu  Additional Information


  Debra L. Gettelman
Associate Professor
(Ph.D., Harvard University)
Fields: 19th Century British literature and culture; the novel; history of reading


  Elaine Hays
Director, Writer's Workshop, Lecturer
(Ph.D., University of Rhode Island)
Fields: Composition & Rhetoric, writing centers, tutor training


  Patrick J. Ireland
Associate Professor
(Ph.D., St. Louis University)
Fields: American literature: romanticism, realism, southern literature.


  James M. Kee
(Ph.D., University of Virginia)
Fields: Middle English literature, especially Chaucer and Langland; hermeneutics and literary criticism; philosophy and literature; the Bible and literature.


  Nadine M. Knight
Assistant Professor
(Ph.D. Harvard University)
Fields: African American literature; 19th and 20th Century American literature; American Civil War literature, history and culture.


  Sarah Luria
Associate Professor
(Ph.D., Stanford University)
Fields: 19th Century American Literature; American studies (intersections between visual/material culture, history, and literature); 19th Century political oratory and rhetoric; 19th Century sentimentalism; Robert Lowell "For the Union Dead" Web site.
Email:sluria@holycross.edu  Additional Information


  Richard E. Matlak
Professor, Director, Center for Interdisciplinary and Special Studies
(Ph.D., Indiana University)
Fields: William Wordsworth and English romantic writers; biography and poetry; dialogical approaches to literature; transitions between periods of literary history and national literatures.


  Shawn Lisa Maurer
(Ph.D., University of Michigan)
Fields: 18th Century British literature and culture; history and theory of the novel; satire; feminist and critical theory; women's and gender studies; women writers; female modernism, esp. Dorothy Richardson; 19th and 20th Century Anglo-American women's poetry.


  William R. Morse
Associate Professor
(Ph.D., Brandeis University)
Fields: Renaissance Literature; Shakespeare; Milton; Ovid.


  Lee Oser
(Ph.D., Yale University)
Fields: English and American poetry; religion and literature; modernism; Catholic fiction; Shakespeare and the Renaissance.


  Leila Philip
Associate Professor
(M.F.A, Columbia University)
Fields: Creative writing/Non-fiction
Email:lphilip@holycross.edu  Additional Information


  K.J. Rawson
Assistant Professor
(Ph.D., Syracuse University)
Fields: Composition and Rhetoric; Rhetorical History; Archives; LGBT Studies; Digital Media
Email:kjrawson@holycross.edu  Additional Information


  Stephanie Reents
Associate Professor
(M.F.A., University of Arizona)
Fields: Fiction; Contemporary American Fiction; and Experimental Narrative Writing


  Paige Reynolds
(Ph.D., University of Chicago)
Fields: Modern and contemporary Irish literature; Irish studies; 20th century British and American literature and culture; modern drama and performance.
Email:preynold@holycross.edu  Additional Information


  Jorge Santos


  Sarah Stanbury
(Ph.D., Duke University)
Fields: Chaucer and late medieval literature; medieval visual culture; Mapping Margery Kempe.
Email:sstanbur@holycross.edu  Additional Information


  Susan Elizabeth Sweeney
Associate Professor
(Ph.D., Brown University)
Fields: Modernist and postmodernist fiction (American and European); literary revisions of popular narrative genres (folktale, detective story, Gothic romance); 19th Century American literature, especially Poe, Hawthorne, and Dickinson; 20th Century comparative literature, especially Nabokov.
Email:ssweeney@holycross.edu  Additional Information


  Helen M. Whall
(Ph.D., Yale University)
Fields: Shakespeare, renaissance drama, modern drama; comic theory.
Email:hwhall@holycross.edu  Additional Information


  Johanna Winant
Visiting Lecturer
(Cand. Ph.D., University of Chicago)


  Jan Berry
Administrative Assistant
Office: Fenwick 209 PO Box: 47A Phone: 508-793-2562