Faculty & Staff


  Jonathan Mulrooney
Associate Professor, Department Chair
(Ph.D. Boston University)
Fields: British Romantic Literature; Romantic-period Theater and Public Culture; Nineteenth-Century British & American Literature; Film; Romantic Historicisms.
Email:jmulroon@holycross.edu  Additional Information


  Julianna Baggot
W.H. Jenks Chair in Contemporary American Letters, Visiting Professor
(M.F.A., UNC at Greensboro)


  Patricia L. Bizzell
John E. Brooks, S.J., Professor in the Humanities
(Ph.D., Rutgers University)
Fields: Expository writing; theory and practice of rhetoric; American literature to 1900; American women's literature.
Email:pbizzell@holycross.edu  Additional Information


  Christine Coch
Associate Professor
(Ph.D., University of Chicago)
Fields: Renaissance English literature and culture, Shakespeare, gender studies
Email:ccoch@holycross.edu  Additional Information


  Leah Hager Cohen
Distinguished Writer-in-Residence
(M.S., Columbia University)
Fields: Creative Writing: fiction and nonfiction; ethics of storytelling


  Morris Collins
Visiting Assistant Professor
(M.F.A., Pennsylvania State University)
Fields: Creative Writing, Rhetoric


  Robert K. Cording
James N. and Sarah L. O'Reilly Barrett Professor in Creative Writing
(Ph.D., Boston College)
Fields: 17th Century poetry; 20th Century poetry;creative writing (poetry).


  Lisa Fluet
Assistant Professor
(Ph.D. Princeton University)
Fields: 20th-21st century literature in English; the novel; Modern and contemporary British drama, film; class and gender studies


  Maurice A. Géracht
Stephen J. Prior Professor of Humanities
(Ph.D., University of Wisconsin)
Fields: 18th Century English literature; English, American, French narrative traditions and narrative theory; 20th Century visual arts and intersections between visual arts and literature.
Email:mgeracht@holycross.edu  Additional Information


  Debra L. Gettelman
Associate Professor
(Ph.D., Harvard University)
Fields: 19th Century British literature and culture; the novel; history of reading


  Patrick J. Ireland
Associate Professor
(Ph.D., St. Louis University)
Fields: American literature: romanticism, realism, southern literature.


  James M. Kee
(Ph.D., University of Virginia)
Fields: Middle English literature, especially Chaucer and Langland; hermeneutics and literary criticism; philosophy and literature; the Bible and literature.


  Nadine M. Knight
Assistant Professor
(Ph.D. Harvard University)
Fields: African American literature; 19th and 20th Century American literature; American Civil War literature, history and culture.


  Sarah Luria
Associate Professor
(Ph.D., Stanford University)
Fields: 19th Century American Literature; American studies (intersections between visual/material culture, history, and literature); 19th Century political oratory and rhetoric; 19th Century sentimentalism; Robert Lowell "For the Union Dead" Web site.
Email:sluria@holycross.edu  Additional Information


  Richard E. Matlak
Professor, Director, Center for Interdisciplinary and Special Studies
(Ph.D., Indiana University)
Fields: William Wordsworth and English romantic writers; biography and poetry; dialogical approaches to literature; transitions between periods of literary history and national literatures.


  Shawn Lisa Maurer
(Ph.D., University of Michigan)
Fields: 18th Century British literature and culture; history and theory of the novel; satire; feminist and critical theory; women's and gender studies; women writers; female modernism, esp. Dorothy Richardson; 19th and 20th Century Anglo-American women's poetry.


  William R. Morse
Associate Professor
(Ph.D., Brandeis University)
Fields: Renaissance Literature; Shakespeare; Milton; Ovid.


  Lee Oser
(Ph.D., Yale University)
Fields: English and American poetry; religion and literature; modernism; Catholic fiction; Shakespeare and the Renaissance.


  Leila Philip
Associate Professor
(M.F.A, Columbia University)
Fields: Creative writing/Non-fiction
Email:lphilip@holycross.edu  Additional Information


  K.J. Rawson
Assistant Professor
(Ph.D., Syracuse University)
Fields: Composition and Rhetoric; Rhetorical History; Archives; LGBT Studies; Digital Media
Email:kjrawson@holycross.edu  Additional Information


  Stephanie Reents
Associate Professor
(M.F.A., University of Arizona)
Fields: Fiction; Contemporary American Fiction; and Experimental Narrative Writing


  Paige Reynolds
(Ph.D., University of Chicago)
Fields: Modern and contemporary Irish literature; Irish studies; 20th century British and American literature and culture; modern drama and performance.
Email:preynold@holycross.edu  Additional Information


  Jorge Santos
Assistant Professor
(Ph.D., University of Connecticut)
Fields: Ethnic American literature, Immigrant/Migrant literature, ethnic studies, American cultural studies, composition and rhetoric


  Sarah Stanbury
Monsignor G. Murray Professor in the Arts and Humanities
(Ph.D., Duke University)
Fields: Chaucer and late medieval literature; medieval visual culture; Mapping Margery Kempe.
Email:sstanbur@holycross.edu  Additional Information


  Susan Elizabeth Sweeney
Associate Professor
(Ph.D., Brown University)
Fields: Modernist and postmodernist fiction (American and European); literary revisions of popular narrative genres (folktale, detective story, Gothic romance); 19th Century American literature, especially Poe, Hawthorne, and Dickinson; 20th Century comparative literature, especially Nabokov.
Email:ssweeney@holycross.edu  Additional Information


  Helen M. Whall
(Ph.D., Yale University)
Fields: Shakespeare, renaissance drama, modern drama; comic theory.
Email:hwhall@holycross.edu  Additional Information


  Johanna Winant
Visiting Lecturer
(Cand. Ph.D., University of Chicago)


  Jan Berry
Administrative Assistant
Office: Fenwick 209 PO Box: 47A Phone: 508-793-2562