The mission of the Education Department of the College of the Holy Cross is to offer students the opportunity to explore the psychological, historical, political, and social dimensions of contemporary education. The Education Department is also committed to developing in our students an understanding of themselves as potential members of the teaching profession by introducing them to the intellectual content and pedagogical skills they will need to build upon should they choose to become educators. Consistent with the mission of the college, we particularly wish to focus our students’ understanding on the conditions that give rise to the current crisis in urban education. The department seeks to educate students who, as leaders in education, business, professional, and civic life may serve as advocates and allies for the historically underserved and marginalized populations of students within those schools.

Department of Education
College of the Holy Cross
1 College St., Box EDUC
Worcester, MA 01610
Phone: (508) 793-3556
Fax: (508) 793-3463

Chair:  Danuta Bukatko
Department Administrative Assistant: Margaret Post