Science Library Wide-Format (Poster) Printer

Epson Stylus Pro 9600 - 44" Color Inkjet Printer with Ultrachrome Ink

  • Professional photographic printer that can produce long lasting quality prints on a variety of media.
  • Located in the workroom of the Science Library in Swords.
  • Printer is available as a college-wide resource.
  • Due to production costs and technical issues, all printing must be supervised.
  • Preferred file format for printing is PDF.


For printing posters contact: Richard Lent, Educational Technology, ext. 2576; rlent@holycross.edu.

For tips on poster design see Designing conference posters.

To Print

  • Most posters are created in Microsoft PowerPoint, but any software that can output to PDF format will work.
  • PDF is the preferred format for poster printing because it is platform-independent and encapsulates page size, fonts, etc.
  • You must bring your COMPLETED poster in PDF format to the Science Library Workroom for printing. Be sure that the poster has been edited and checked for errors BEFORE bringing it to be printed. Reprinting involves additional cost and possible rescheduling.
  • Print sizes can be up to 44" wide by any length. However, best results are obtained when your poster is designed so that its width matches the two most common paper sizes, 36" or 44" wide. The software used to design the poster may limit the poster size; for example, PowerPoint limits poster size to a maximum length of 56 inches. It is critical that the actual-size paper width and height dimensions are set in your poster software BEFORE laying out the poster, otherwise the poster may not print correctly.
  • Doubleweight matte paper in 44" and 36" widths is available. Other paper types are available by special request; additional charges may apply.
  • Most graphic posters take approximately 30 minutes to print.
  • Please provide at least 24-hour notice to schedule your poster for printing.
  • You MUST schedule your poster for printing by contacting Richard Lent (Educational Technology, ext. 2576, rlent@holycross.edu). We can usually accomodate most schedules, but during high demand periods (e.g., the Summer Research Symposium) we may not be able to print your poster if you wait until the last minute. Please plan ahead!
  • For questions regarding poster design and printing please contact Richard Lent.

Current Printing Charges

Graphic Posters (includes most science posters): $5.00/linear ft (for example, a 36 x 48-inch graphic poster costs $20).
Photographic Quality posters: $10.00/linear ft.

A signed Requisition/Payment Form must be submitted to Educational Technology for all printing charges.

Attention students: Usually your Department or faculty advisor can provide funds to pay for poster printing. However, students are ultimately responsible for poster costs. We can accept cash payments.