About the Classics at Holy Cross

Students of the Classics investigate all aspects of the cultures of ancient Greece and Rome through the ancient languages, Greek and Latin, from the beginnings of Greek civilization up to the fall of the Roman Empire, a period that includes the rise of Athenian democracy in the fifth century B.C. and the cultural splendor of imperial Rome in the first and second centuries A.D. Our Department provides a wide range of approaches to the discipline, with courses regularly offered in ancient literature, art and archaeology, history, and philosophical or religious texts. Majors can participate in the College’s study abroad programs in Athens and Rome and pursue individual research projects in collaboration with faculty.

The Department of Classics at Holy Cross has ten full time faculty members, which makes us the largest Classics program at a liberal arts college. Having a large faculty is an important component of the strength of our department because it means that the program can offer both breadth and depth. We offer Latin and Greek every term at every level from introductory to advanced. All Classics majors are required to study both Latin and Greek; we do not offer a classical civilization major (i.e., a major without study of the ancient languages). We also offer courses across the range of Classics, including literature, mythology, archaeology, art history, Greek history, Roman history, and ancient science. We use and teach the latest information technology pertinent to studying Classics; we have our own research laboratory outfitted with networked computers and research resources. We encourage students to pursue research in Classics in cooperation with faculty members.

For recent news about the department, see the most recent issue of the department newsletter Salvete! here. For information about our program requirements, the scholarships we offer, the kinds of research students are engaged in, our chapter of the national Classics honor society Eta Sigma Phi, and department events, including Classics Day, please see the relevant pages on this site.

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