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Discovering Your Own Direction

Founded in 1971, the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies (CIS) promotes interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary teaching at the College. It seeks to be a catalyst for innovation and experimentation in the curriculum through a series of academic programs and grant opportunities. The Center's programs fall into three categories: 1) multidisciplinary academic curricular programs, such as student-designed multidisciplinary majors and minors, and multidisciplinary concentrations, all of which enable students to address important issues with the methods and perspectives of multiple disciplines; 2) off-campus educational opportunities in Washington, D.C., and the Worcester area, which link learning and living, combining rigorous academic course work with community-based internship and service opportunities; and 3) student-designed programs, such as the Fenwick Scholar Program and Honors Theses for the College Honors Program, which provide students with independent research opportunities. CIS also has the mission to bring to the College curriculum innovative courses and courses in support of its programs that are not offered by the disciplinary departments. Many are one-time offerings.

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