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Sophia Jin '15 (Spring 2014 in Beijing)

Holy Cross China Maymester 2013


Why Study Chinese Language at Holy Cross?

  • U.S. companies invest billions of dollars each year in China.
  • Chinese is the first language of 1.3 billion people … one-fifth of the world’s population.
  • China is the world’s fastest growing large economy and is about to become the world’s second largest economy.
  • China is increasingly important to United States national security, foreign relations, trade, and climate change policy.
  • Chinese language skills are essential for careers and advanced study involving China in business, education, journalism, and diplomacy.


Holy Cross offers...

  • 4 years of Chinese language and courses in English on Chinese literature and culture
  • Majors in Chinese or Chinese Language and Civilization, and a Concentration in Chinese Studies.
  • Study Abroad in China through the Holy Cross Study Abroad Program
  • A scholarship for study abroad for one graduating senior each year


Chinese Club