Community-Based Learning Courses

Spring 2015 CBL Courses

ANTH 310      Ethnographic Field Methods, Professor Leshkowich (CBL Project, Optional)
CLAS 175      Ancient Manhood Contested, Professor Seider (CBL Project)
DFST 202      Intermediate ASL, Professor Li (CBL Placement)
DFST 350      Experience in the Deaf Community, Professor Pirone (CBL Placement)
ECON 319     Urban Economics, Professor Nathan (2 Sections) (CBL Project)
MONT 100D   God and the City,  Professor Clark, S.J. (CBL Placement)
MONT 103S   Competing Visions of Freedom: Struggles for Justice,
Professor O'Donnell (CBL Placement)
MONT 104D   Identity, Diversity, and Community: Modifying Technologies,
Professor Ryan (2 sections) (CBL Placement)
MONT 107S   Hope in the Age of HIV & AIDS: HIV, AIDS, and Christian Ethics,
                       Professor Roche (CBL Project)
MONT 109S   The Science of Happiness: Flourishing, Professor Lipsitz (CBL Placement)
PSYC 399      Adolescent Health, Professor Ludden (CBL Project)
RELS 151      Faith and World Poverty, Professor Hobgood (2 Sections) (CBL Placement)
SOCL 210     Corporate & Consumer Social Responsibility, Professor Jones (CBL Project)
SOCL 269     Sociology of Education, Professor Weiner (CBL Placement)
SPAN 301     Spanish Composition and Conversation, Professors Ramos & Monsalve
                      (4 sections) (CBL Placement, Off-Campus Optional)
SPAN 304     Aspects of Spanish-American Culture, (CBL Project) Professor Carcelan Estrada
SPAN 399     Action! Filming in Spanish, Professor Franco (CBL Project)
VAHI 250      Making the Modern City: Environmental Transformations of 19th-century Cities,
Professor Lee (CBL Project)
WGST 120    Intro to Women’s and Gender Studies, Professor Bukatko (CBL Placement)

Additional courses that offer field-based experiences coordinated by the Education Department:
EDUC 167     Educational Psychology, Professor Capotosto
EDUC 169     Schooling in the United States, Professor Schneider
EDUC 273     Urban Education, Staff
EDUC 315     English Language Learners, Professor Iggro


Fall 2014 CBL Courses

ANTH 101     Perspectives in Anthropology, Professor Jarrin (2 sections) (CBL Project)
CISS 203     Community Engagement & Social Responsibility, Professor Sterk Barrett
                    (CBL Placement) (for CBL Interns and SPUD Leaders)
DFST 201     Intermediate ASL, (CBL Placement)
DFST 301     ASL: Composition and Conversation, Professor Pirone (CBL Placement)
MONT 100D  God and the City: Community and Conviction, Professor Clark, S.J. (CBL Placement)
MONT 104D  Identity, Diversity and Community: Exploring Difference, (2 sections)
                    Professor Ryan (CBL Placement)
RELS 143     Social Ethics, Professor Hobgood (2 sections) (CBL Placement)
RELS 280     Liberation Theology, Professor Eggemeier (CBL Placement 11-12:15 section)
SOCL 241     Development of Social Theory, Professor Jones (2 sections) (CBL Project)
SOCL 361     Leadership, Religion, and Social Justice, Professor Crawford Sullivan (CBL Project)
SPAN 301     Spanish Composition and Conversation, Professors Ramos & Monsalve
                   (3 sections) (CBL Placement, Off Campus Optional)
SPAN 305     Introduction to Textual Analysis, Professor Franco (CBL Project)
SPAN 413     Spanish in the US: A Sociolinguistic Persepctive, Professor Alba-Salas
                   (CBL Placement, Optional)
VAHI 101     Introduction to Visual Arts, Professor Luyster (CBL Project, Optional)
VAHI 301     Concentration Seminar, Professor Raguin (CBL Project)
WGST120     Intro to Women's and Gender Studies, Professor Crist (CBL Placement)

Additional courses that offer field-based experiences through the Education Department:

EDUC 169     Schooling in the United States, Professor Schneider
EDUC 232     Schools: Surviving and Achieving, Professor Fisher
EDUC 273     Urban Education, Professor Schneider

The Academic Internship Program also offers academic experiences with a fieldwork component.