Biological Psychology Concentration

The biological psychology concentration provides an opportunity for a limited number of second year students to pursue a coherent curriculum that emphasizes the biological basis of behavior. As a concentration, it is not considered a major or minor. Up to eight-second year students are accepted into the concentration each year.

Curriculum requirements for the concentration include an introductory course in biology and psychology and four additional courses from a broad range of course offerings. Students are also required to participate in a senior research thesis and are expected to participate in weekly meetings.

Interested students are urged to contact the either of the Concentration Co-Directors, Pr. Alo Basu or Pr. Daniel Bitran as early as possible in their career.

A printer-friendly version of the concentration course requirements and answers to frequently asked questions can be obtained here (pdf).


In order to apply for a Biological Psychology Concentration, you should identify a Holy Cross faculty with whom you will be doing your research. Thus it is important for you to approach faculty members with whom you are interested in working as soon as possible. You should find out what they are working on and develop a tentative research proposal.

Second, you need to complete an application consisting of a personal statement of interest and a description of your research project. The application must be accompanied by an unofficial copy of your most current transcript (available from STAR). In addition, 3 letters of recommendation should be uploaded by your faculty recommenders.


Completed application, transcript, and letter of mentor's recommendation must be uploaded to Moodle by Friday, 27 February 2015.

MAC USERS PLEASE NOTE: The default program for pdf's on Macs is Preview. Filling the form on preview will NOT work - we will receive a blank form! You must open the research application in Adobe Reader not Preview to fill in and save the information. If you have submitted a blank form, you can delete it from Moodle and resubmit a new complete pdf.

For Students:

For applications to the Biological Psychology Concentration please click here (pdf).

To upload your application and transcript for the Biological Psychology Concentration, please click here.

For Faculty:

For faculty mentor recommendation forms please click here (pdf).

To upload your recommendation for a student for the Biological Psychology Concentration, please click here.