Admission to the Biology Major

This page explains the requirements for admission and serves as the initial portal through which a student can seek acceptance to the biology major.

Students who are eligible to apply for admission to the major during the 2014-2015 academic year are those who have met the minimum coursework and grade requirements to apply.  Thus, a student must be a member of the classes of '16, '17 or '18.


The Application:  To apply, please follow this link which will take you to Moodle:

You will be given the opportunity to self enroll in a Moodle "course" called "Biology Admissions" 

After you have done so, you will see "Biology Admissions" as one of your courses in Moodle.  You will be automatically unenrolled from this "course" after 180 days, but if need be, you can always re-enroll. 
On the "Biology Admissions" Moodle page, you will be able to download the application materials and then upload the completed forms. 

The application will require you to:

  • Fill out a short spreadsheet form
  • Obtain and submit a CHC transcript from STAR, and
  • Write a short essay. 


Although we truly hope to be able to take all qualified applicants, the fact is that we only have space for a certain number of majors.

You will be notified before pre-registration advising if you have been accepted.  If you are not accepted, you are free to apply again at a later date, but we would strongly advise you to talk to your advisor first.


Coursework Requirements:

  • Students may apply to the major after having completed:
    • At least one of the Introduction to Biology courses and
    • At least one introductory level lab course in chemistry, geology or physics
    • Students must earn at least C average grades in their introductory biology courses and in their cognates (in other words, two separate averages are used in admissions) to be considered for admission for the major.

These courses must be taken at Holy Cross. The one exception to this is for transfer students, and they should consult with the Biology Department's chairperson.