Recent alumni listed. If you are not here or your info has changed, please contact us. . .we'd love to hear from you!

Class of 2013:

Katie Colelli, Biology, Mills lab, UVM med school
Allegra Parrillo, Biology, Bellin lab
Matt Guido, Biology, Webster lab
Mike Nicastri, Chemistry, Mills lab, UPenn PhD program
Jen Pusztay, Chemistry, Mills lab
Jeff Thode, Chemistry, Quinn lab
Laura Urbanski, Chemistry, Mills lab
Sammie Ziegler, Biology, Vargas lab


Class of 2012:

Ben Brink, Chemistry, Linton Lab, Redak teaching program
Cat Flynn, Biology, Bellin lab, Clinical Coordinator, Dana Farber

Tom Gallant, Chemistry, Sheehy lab, Research Assistant, NIH 
Meagan Montesion, Biology, Bellin lab, PhD program, Tufts
Rio Nomoto, Biology, Linton lab, Medical School
Christiana Pineda, Chemistry, Petty lab, UMass Med, PhD program
George Savidis, Chemistry, Mills lab, Research Assistant, UMassMed

Sean Till, Chemistry, Sculimbrene lab, Research Assistant, Cornell-Weill

Class of 2011:

Mary Bonnett, Biology, Bellin lab, Medical School
Emily Cartwright, Biology, Sheehy lab, Medical School
Kerry Drury, Biology, Bellin lab, Fulbright Fellowship
Marisa Fortunato, Biology, Bellin lab, Graduate program in Pharmacy, UGeorgia
Kevin O'Brien, Biology, Mills lab, Graduate School UGeorgia
Kristina Xega, Chemistry, Mills lab, Research Assistant, MGH 

Class of 2010:

Ela Banerjee, Biology, Bellin lab, Medical School
Lauren Duffee, Biology, Mills lab, UPenn Vet School
Preston Greico, Biology, Bellin lab, Penn State Med School
Kevin Halloran, Biology, Linton lab, UMass Med Graduate School
Dan York, Biology, Mills lab, Texas Tech Medical School

Class of 2009:

Brian Hendrickson, Biology, Ober lab - Medical School
Andrew Moczula, Biology, Hoffman lab - Medical School
Beth Morse, Biology, Bellin lab - Graduate School, Yale
Jess Napolitano, Biology, Vargas lab - Biochem PhD program, Ohio State

Class of 2008:

Justin Caramiciu, Biology, Bellin lab - Medical School
Ali Casserly, Biology, Constance lab - Grad School
Melissa McGill, Biology, Mills lab - MS, Michigan; Pfizer
Kathryn O'Brien, Chemistry, Mills lab - Biochem PhD program, Cornell-Weill

Class of 2007:

Mark Andrews, Biology, Farrell lab
Christopher Aquina, Chemistry, Herrick lab -Med School
Marianne DiNapoli, Biology, Constance lab - Teach for America alum, Columbia Med School
Matt Drago, Biology, Mills lab - MD, UPenn
Matt Frigault, Biology, Bellin lab - MD, UPenn
Frank Powers, Chemistry, Herrick lab

Class of 2006:

Kerianne Crandall, Chemistry, Herrick lab
Mike DiGiacomo, Biology, Bellin lab -Med School
Matt Howard, Chemistry
Andrew Kamien, Biology, Bellin lab - Med School
Bob O'Connor, Biology, The lab (UMass Med) - Med School
Joe Poli, Chemistry, Quinn lab - Med School

Class of 2005:

Hillary Barnes, Biology, Constance lab - Med School
Brian DeCristopher, Bio/Chem, Quinn lab - PhD '10, Chemistry, Stanford
Luke Duncan, Chemistry, Bellin lab - Med School
Katie Lewandowski, Biology, Mills lab - PhD '12, WashU

Class of 2004:

Becky Arvary, Bio/Chem, Quinn lab - Merck
Jackie Gareau, Chemistry, Mills lab - PhD '11, Cornell-Weill
Claire Kelleher, Chemistry, Taylor lab - Chem PhD program, Cornell
Mark Marzinke, Biology, Bellin lab - Biochem PhD, Wisconsin
Tim Quinn, Chemistry, Mills lab - M.D. '08, Georgetown

Class of 2003:

Pete Bak, Biology, Bellin lab - PhD '09, Dartmouth Medical School
Ralph Millilo, Biology, Bertin/Mills labs - M.D. '08 SUNY Upstate

Class of 2002:

Carolynn Cavicchio, Biology, Vargas lab - M.D. '07, Georgetown
Briton Chan, Biology
Melissa Pelesz, Biology - Vet School
Pat Twomey, Chemistry, Mills lab - M.D. '07 Georgetown