Asian Studies Major

The Multidisciplinary Major in Asian Studies is a template major administered through the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies (CIS.) The major is by application only (see below). Students normally apply no later than the second semester of their junior year. The Asian Studies Major consists of 10 courses, as follows:

History 103, "Perspectives on Asia: 'Traditional' East Asia," or History 104, "Perspectives on Asia: Modern Transformations," or Anthropology 170, "Contemporary Asia," OR an approved course with a broad focus on Asia.

One course in the arts of Asia (included here are the anthropology of Asian art selections, art courses on East Asian such as the art history survey offered through CIS, Asian studio art courses, Asian literature courses, and any of the Theatre and Music Departments' many courses on the Balinese performing arts).

One history course on Asia (Note: if a student has taken History 103 or 104 to fulfill the cross-regional requirement, he or she must still take another history course on a region of Asia).

One course in Religious Studies, on Asia.

One course drawn from any of the social sciences (anthropology, economics, political science, sociology) on Asia.

Five additional courses on Asia selected by the individual student. These courses can be chosen thematically, or geographically. Consult with a faculty advisor for advice here. Language classes in an Asian language may be used as electives here; consult with the Asian Studies Director on this for the rules here. A maximum of three courses in Balinese Dance (Theater) and Gamelan (Music) can be counted toward a major in Asian Studies.

For additional information about majoring in Asian Studies, contact the director of the Asian Studies Program: Professor Karen Turner.

To apply for the major, contact Professor Loren Cass, Director, Center for Interdisciplinary Studies.

CIS Major Application Form

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