Major and Minor in Architectural Studies

Major in Architectural Studies

The Architectural Studies major (housed in the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies or CIS) consists of an interdisciplinary roster of ten courses in architectural history and design, the humanities, and the social sciences. Six are core courses whose subject matter is primarily related to the built environment (VAHI 111, VAHI 112, two humanities core courses, one social science core course, and the Concentration seminar). The four remaining courses are electives with subject matters or methodologies relevant to the study of the built environment. The same course cannot fulfill both the core and elective requirements.

Major requirements: 10 courses

  • VAHI 111 Architecture Across Cultures: Past (pre-history through the 19th century)
  • VAHI 112 Architecture Across Cultures: Present (19th century to the present)
  • Two Humanities courses (courses developed with special architectural focus such as SPAN 302, Aspects of Spanish Culture; HIST 239, Louis XIV's France; VAHI 205, Art and Antiquity, etc.)
  • One course in Social Science, Science / Environmental studies selected with attention to structures or the built environment (for students interested in pursuing graduate studies in architecture this may include PHYS 111, General Physics)
  • One Studio or Engineering course. Studio courses may include VAST 207, Life Drawing, VAST 102, 3D Fundamentals, VAST 105, Digital Art Studio, and THEA 227, Scene Design; Engineering courses may include MATH 135, Calculus 1, or a CAD programming course taken at WPI or elsewhere
  • Three electives (one may be an Internship) selected to develop a consistent focus for the major
  • Concentration seminar / Capstone project

Recommended sequence of courses: 

First and second years: VAHI 111 / 112

First through third years: humanities core class / social science and environmental studies core class / studio or engineering elective

Second through fourth years: multidisciplinary electives

Fourth year: Concentration seminar 

CIS Major Application Form

Minor in Architectural Studies 

CIS offers an Architectural Studies minor that provides an overview of the interdisciplinary approaches to the built environment and help prepare students who may be considering graduate studies in the field. The minor consists of five courses reflective of the major's core requirements. 

  • VAHI 111
  • VAHI 112
  • One Studio or Engineering course
  • One course in Social Science or Science / Environmental Studies selected with attention to the built environment
  • One Humanities course selected with attention to the built environment

Internship (optional)

CIS Minor Application Form