College Catalog

Model course selections for Architectural Studies students

Youth (Social Work, Building Design, Teaching)

Maria, whose interest is in the Social Sciences, may develop an independent major - or a double major. She envisions working with pre-college age children as a career objective. In first and second years at Holy Cross she takes VAHI 111 Architecture Across Cultures: Past and VAHI 112 Architecture Across Cultures: Present. She has also taken as her Montserrat class Spanish Literature and Landscape and she is fulfilling her language requirement in Spanish. Her required Social Science course as well as two electives might be drawn from selections such as: PSY 228 Psychology of Adolescence; PSY 263 Environmental Psychology; PSY 346 Health and Mental Health; PSY 342 Gender Role Development. She then takes VAST 102, 3D Fundamentals where she works on conceptualizing space creatively.  In the fall of her fourth year, she secures an internship in the Worcester public schools. In the Concentration seminar she develops a Capstone project on the design of school spaces to meet the developmental needs of students of different ages. 


Property Law

Sean is interested in Law as a career objective with a particular interest in property law. In his first and second years at Holy Cross he takes VAHI 111, Architecture across Cultures: Past and VAHI 112, Architecture across Cultures: Present. His required Science course is satisfied by a Physics Topics and he explores up-to-date technology by studying VAST 105 Digital Art Studio 1.  He needs to take Sociology 101 before he can take two courses in Social Science that directly relate to his interest in the built environment:  SOC 205 Social Class and Power and SOC 206 Sociology of Poverty. In each course his research topics addresses housing for different social classes. He also takes POLS 257 Politics of Development and studies land use and urbanization. The history course HIST 294 - Ottoman Empire: 1500-1922 introduces a non-western topic and he writes a paper concerning the importance of architecture in the definition of Islamic identity and the adoption of western models in the course of modernization in the Middle East. He takes ENVS 200 Environmental Law to further his understanding of legal issues and the contemporary context. In the Concentration seminar he develops a Capstone studying tax credits for new buildings and sees how such legislation may promote responsible growth or may also encourage the tearing down of stable neighborhoods. 



Laura comes to Holy Cross with a keen interest in pursuing architecture as a profession. During her first and second year she enrolls in VAHI 111, Architecture across Cultures: Past and VAHI 112, Architecture across Cultures: Present. She checks the prerequisites for the graduate school programs in architecture, and learns that calculus and calculus-based physics are both required. To satisfy these requirements she takes MATH 135 (Calculus 1) and PHYS 111 (General Physics) beginning in her second year. During her second and third year she also enrolls in two humanities courses with special emphasis on architecture, urban, and landscape history: these include VAHI 207 Art, Science, and Power in 17c Europe, and a course on Gardens and World Religions offered through Religious Studies. Most architectural schools require training in CAD programming; Laura chooses to enroll in a CAD course at the local community college in her hometown during the summer of her sophomore year. She then enrolls in a studio art course, VAST 207 Life Drawing as well as a course on theatre design, THEA 227 Scene Design. She applies and is accepted the Harvard GSD Career Discovery program in the summer of her junior year. In her senior year she takes the Concentration seminar in art history, studying building traditions in New England, and also developing a design for a warehouse renovation in Worcester. In the spring semester of her final year, she sets up an internship with a local architecture firm recently responsible for designing a new building on the Holy Cross campus.