Who participates in mentoring?

Eligible students from the Class of 2019 will receive information about The Mentor Program over the summer.

The Mentor Program is open to all first-year ALANA and international students, as well as all students participating in the Passport Program. Groups of about six students will be matched with a student and a faculty mentor for on-going conversation, advice, and friendship. You can participate in the Mentor Program regardless of whether you coming for Odyssey, have a work-study job, or will play a varsity sport.

By participating in the Mentor Program, you are matched with a Faculty Mentor and a Peer Mentor. We will match you with these individuals based on your profile of your academic major, extra-curricular interests, and background. Your Mentors will be vital resources for your tenure at Holy Cross.

The Faculty Mentors are crucial elements of the program. These individuals also serve as your Academic Advisor. It is important to keep good communication with your Faculty Mentor. They are good resources for understanding academic procedures and policies at Holy Cross. These people will be available to you for guidance and support.

The Peer Mentors are upper-class students who will play a critical role in the program and in your adjustment to Holy Cross.