At Holy Cross, learning is an exploratory process driven by our students’ curiosity, sense of wonder, and desire to engage with the world. By constantly asking questions and seeking deeper levels of knowledge, students not only learn a particular subject— they are challenged to be open to new ideas, to question their own assumptions and to creatively imagine new possibilities.

True to the liberal arts tradition, first-year students begin this process by engaging with diverse disciplines and conceptual frameworks through our unique Montserrat program. Confronting challenging ideas across disciplines helps them build a broad foundation of knowledge and develop vital analytical, critical thinking, and communication skills that deliver lifetime benefits.

As students focus their academic interests, they can choose to combine majors and minors, design their own major, or pursue a multidisciplinary concentration, such as Peace and Conflict Studies. Faculty and staff advisors guide students in their course selections, and invite them to consider opportunities to expand and enhance their learning through study abroad, internships, summer research, and fellowships.

The Holy Cross learning experience produces graduates who are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to explore new fields and tackle unforeseen challenges — both personally and professionally.