At the College of the Holy Cross, motivated students and renowned professors come together to create a vibrant and dynamic learning community. Our faculty members learn alongside — and even from — our students, as they collaborate on innovative scholarship and research. Together, by questioning, exploring, and discovering, they contribute to the search for knowledge, the development of new skills, and the dissemination of that knowledge and those skills through excellence in teaching, scholarship, and artistic exhibition and performance. In this way, each member of our community is a valued participant in our academic life, maintaining high standards for themselves and one another.

This approach is rooted in our commitment to the liberal arts, an academic philosophy that combines rigor with creativity to deliver an education that emphasizes breadth and depth of study, as well as foundational skills — such as critical thinking, clear communication, and careful analysis. A liberal arts education not only prepares students for success in today’s rapidly changing world, it prepares them to lead meaningful, fulfilling lives.

Students can combine majors and minors to reflect their specialized interests, or design one of their own. Supported by the many offices that comprise the Division of Academic Affairs, they have the resources and the guidance they need to achieve their goals — as the Jesuit tradition directs us — at the highest level of excellence.